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I am a freelance artist + illustrator who works from home. On top of this full-time/part-time gig, I am a stay-at-home mom, so each minute that I have to create is greatly valued. I am passionate about working within a community. Since I currently live in Nyack, NY, I call this my home, and have found numerous ways to share my creativity in the village. I not only look forward to working with my artwork each day, but also visiting my friends as I walk the streets with my son.
After attending school for graphic design for several years, I was uncertain what I really wanted to do with my life, so I took some time off. Eventually, I finished school and received a Bachelor of Arts in Painting. I was uncertain that I would ever do anything related to my field, as I got tangled up in the ropes of retail. I began working as an illustrator, which culminates my graphic design and retail experience perfectly.

Most of my current artwork is created using reclaimed or recycled resources, and I aspire to create something new out of even the simplest scribbles that others may have left behind. Of course, this is how I began creating the scribbles-sketches series. I had found others' scribbles and transformed them into original drawings. Now, I consider this work a process of "automatic drawing," and most of these works have been transformed into original illustrations.

I have also taught myself to screen print, and I have begun a new collection of t-shirts and kids' clothing. 
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