12 January 2006

Abstract Research I

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Price: $595-

Someone else left a bunch of canvas behind in the art studio that I was working in, so when nobody claimed it, I chose to do some large-scale paintings. They are fairly abstract, but I was definitely inspired by my husband who I had just married. His research in microbiology and the images that he discovered and produced had become a complete inspiration. (If you see some ripples in the canvas of Abstract Research I & II, it is because they have not been stretched yet due to storage space. But, if you like one of these paintings enough and want to buy it, I'd be happy to stretch it for you.)

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  1. hey chica! nice work here; love the colors. and great blog, i'll have to add this to my blog browsing :)

  2. Hey thanks! I didn't realize how much stuff I still have packed away, and I thought this would be a good way to show it.

    How's Omaha?


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