07 January 2006

Those Legs

Medium: Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
Price: $150-

This painting was a completely different painting about five paintings prior to this final product. It actually began as a three-panel tromp-loie* painting for a class project. I quickly became tired of that painting, so after the project was complete, I painted over it. (When I received my grade, it was an "A," so that isn't the real reason why it was painted over. I was just poor and wanted to paint another painting.) There were several other panels that were a part of the next painting that I completed. It was some sort of crazy girl that I used to paint, and I decided that I didn't like the way it flowed. Therefore, I now have six different paintings, and this one remains to be the only one that is most similar to my "girl."

*Trompe-loie may not be spelled correctly. It is a French term, meaning identical to something that is real. I will look it up in the dictionary later and correct this if it is incorrect.

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