22 January 2006

To: My Husband

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Price: NFS

I painted this for my hubby as a wedding gift for him just a little more than four years ago. When we lived in Omaha, it was on display in our bedroom, and we would critique it regularly. I have wanted to paint over this, because I haven't been happy with the proportions of the figures or the shapes of the hands. It wouldn't be as big of a deal if it wasn't on display in our home and if I didn't have to look at it daily. We will keep it and display it, because it was a gift to my husband for our wedding With permission from him, I am now repainting it. (Afterall, it is a gift that I shouldn't take back, but he feels that I can improve the overall painting.)

It currently doesn't look anything like this. My plans are to keep the same concept, but restore the quality of the shapes, colors, and overall composition. I will post the end results when it is finished. With time, all things tend to mature, and I hope that this will be an example of our relationship maturing, as well as my artistic ability improving.

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