15 February 2006

Overcoming Onychophagia

Medium: India Ink & Acrylic on Masonite
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Overcoming Onychophagia should tell all, but it is the medical term for this dirty habit. In other words, this painting was supposed to help me to stop my fingernail biting. My husband actually enabled me to see what disgust is growing under and around my fingernails. We swabbed my fingernails and allowed the bacteria to grow in a petri dish for several weeks. I was completely disgusted when I realized what various bacteria lives in the very place that I had chosen to insert inside my mouth on a regular basis.

I really feel that biting my nails is a gross habit, so my best attempt to completely stop the ugly habit has been this project. And it helped to inspire me to paint more paintings with similar subjects focusing on bacteria, hands, and feet. I really feel that a person's hands and feet tell a story about where they have been or the things that they do for a living. It's very interesting to see other people's hands and feet when keeping this perspective in mind.

So, did this project work? It definitely worked for a while, but occasionally, I catch myself nibbling. Each time I do bite though, I am able to recognize the disgust that lives within.

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