07 March 2007

Piles of New Creations

I tend to work on numerous pieces all at the same time; it's just the way I am most productive. I have never really been an artist who can sit down and paint only one canvas at a time. These are some of the pieces from the pile that resulted from my studio time the other night. It's not always easy trying to balance my time with my full-time job, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and ultimately... creating my aRtwork. In the mornings when I wake up, I zoom in on what I desire to work on that evening, and my I focus on that particular piece until I have time to paint/sketch/draw. If I don't have any time to work, I get very antsy and cannot focus on other things until I am allowed to put my dreams on canvas, wood, paper, or whatever various materials I tend to be working with at any given moment.

[The last piece that you see below is the beginnings of a collaboration I am doing with Danny Mansmith, a fabrics artist from Chicago who uses SCRAP materials to create his artistic renderings.]

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