22 May 2007

Even Sunflowers Lose their Petals

Materials: Pen/Ink/Markers [FRAMED]
Size: 8" x 10"
Date: 2007

I oftentimes feel like a sunflower! Since I grew up in Kansas, I had the opportunity to see these flowers frequently in the summertime. I would go on a long bike ride or drive pass fields of them on the highway. (No. They did not live just outside my door... for those of you who have never visited the midwest.) Sunflowers are always so cheerful and bright during the warmest days of the year. But eventually the sunflowers become very heavy due to their seeds. The seeds weigh them down the body of the flower, and they begin to droop. The sunflowers' seeds aren't necessarily a bad thing, though. They provide nutrition and an opportunity to establish themselves during the next season.

Much like this flower, I have been referred to as a person who has a warm outlook on life. But in this past year of my life, I have had burdens, which weigh me down. My sunflower sometimes becomes very heavy. The memories of my youthful father's death haunt me with Memorial Day quickly approaching. My spirit seemingly becomes wearisome. Similar to the seeds of the sunflower, my loss this past year will eventually allow me to be a stronger individual and learn from my father's actions. He was an amazing individual with a true servant's heart, and I can only hope to be more like him with each passing day.


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