24 May 2007


My cousin, Brandy Miner, sent me an e-mail with this list of questions. Since I found it rather interesting, I'm posting it for the world to see. I hope you can find some humor or entertainment or merely interest in knowing a bit more about me. Enjoy!

Q: What type of markers do you use? They have such brilliant color.

A: Well, to be honest... I use Sharpies. I started using markers one evening when I was bored at work, and I liked it so much that I went out and bought myself a super-sized pack. I was considering more of an investment soon [something like Prismacolor], but I really like the way I can manipulate the Sharpies.

Q: Why self-portait Thursday?

A: Well, I sell my work on etsy. There's this thing that was established, which is called "self-portrait thursday" long ago. And it seemed like a lot of fun! I began setting up my camera, turning on the timer, and taking pictures of myself soon thereafter. It seems like a good way to introduce yourself to others and it definitely increases traffic in my shop. I intend on using some of my self-portraits in a painting one of these days.

Q: You have great energy. Do you find that it effects your art?

A: Sometimes. Actually, most of the time. Occasionally, I have to slow myself down, because I have too many thoughts and aspirations and begin too many things. This can [and has been] a distraction, but I feel that it allows me to add more emotion and movement to my sketches, drawings, paintings, and even those random creations. p.s. Everyone has some form of escape from reality, and art just seems to be an appropriate way for me to escape.

Q: Is there one type of media that you haven't tackled yet and you can wait to try it?

A: Yes. There are actually many mediums/techniques that I want to learn to implement. The question is which one will I do first? Bookbinding, Silkscreening, Sewing, etc. I want to learn to silkscreen, which shouldn't be too difficult. [It's just a matter of investing more time, space, and materials.] And the other one is actually sewing. I want to get a machine, because I feel there is so much more I could create. Oh, and one other thing I need to invest in is woodworking tools. I love painting/drawing on wood! [I plan on implementing more oil paints into my paintings sometime soon.] See, I told you that my energy sometimes gets me a little crazy!

Q: Ok, this is my last question and it is not my own. I found it in an art mag interview but liked it so I'm stealing it. Do you think an artist needs a good truck, and good accountant, or a good red wine?

I think an artist ALWAYS needs a good red wine [or beer], or at least one he/she can afford! The accounting isn't so bad as long as you've worked in retail and understand the business aspects. And one thing I would love to own one day is a bigger vehicle, but not a truck! I wouldn't mind that older, boxier Honda Element, since I could lay all of the seats down and spray it out after I made a mess. I would be much more inclined to create much larger artwork. Now, I have to create several small pieces and combine the panels to get any sort of an impacting size.

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