13 September 2007

The SCAREcrow and His Crows

Original Drawing on Paper [framed]
Materials: Pen/Ink/Markers on Recycled Paper
Size: 8.5" x 11" [framed: 12" x 16"]
Date: 2007

This SCAREcrow didn't do a very good job scaring these poor little crows, so he decided he should just become their friends. At first, he was sad and really thought he may need some brains, but he eventually overcame his insecurities and met many new and exciting people and things. Of course, the farmer didn't like this too much, but the SCAREcrow was a much happier individual.

Does the story sound familiar? If so, you and I both may be thinking about the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Speaking of that, there will soon be an art show that centers on New Art inspired by the Wizard of Oz at the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University.

The SCAREcrow and his Crows

The SCAREcrow and his Crows

The Scarecrow & His Crows - framed -

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