05 October 2007

FOR SALE - consignment -

This is my first opportunity to show something in a retail setting, and it's been a fabulous opportunity thus far. I've had my artwork at Tulips in Portsmouth, NH, for a little over a month. Heather, the owner of the boutique, purchased a couple of pieces from my show on Newbury Street, and soon thereafter invited me to sell my work in her shop. Excited to try new things, I dove in head first. Low and behold, this boutique is full of exciting arts and crafts with a beautiful setting that overlooks the Portsmouth Harbor.

Scribbles--Sketches - on display -

Currently, I'm selling a few pieces from my Scribbles--Sketches series in Tulips. If you're wondering what this series is all about, I'll fill you in. I began creating sketches from reused bits and pieces of paper that had others' scribbles on them. I began seeing a transformation in the way that I created all of my artwork and soon decided to continue the series. I've always enjoyed adding layers upone layers to my paintings, but this was a new way for me to begin sketching new concepts and ideas. The initial concept for this series was to save pounds upon pounds of wasted paper from the dumpsters. And now, it's become one of my favorite ways to escape reality.

Of course, when I have visited Portsmouth, I've found treasures in each shop and around every corner, but one of my favorite places to visit has been the Portsmouth Brewery. This only makes sense, since I have learned to appreciate my husband's passion to create home brews. This quaint city has several other hidden treasures that I have stumbled across. So if you care to venture northeast on Route 1, I'll give you all kinds of advice about places to go while you're in the historic city, which "lays claim to being the nation's third-oldest city." Of course, while you're there, you'll most definitely want to visit Tulips and check out some of my art and many other artists hand-crafted bits of creativity.

Tulips Gallery

If you own a boutique or gallery, and would like to talk to me about showing my work in your hidden treasure, please contact me.

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