08 November 2007

Express Yourself

Express Yourself
ORIGINAL screenprint
hand-drawn, hand-pulled SCREEN PRINTING
heat set and ready-to-wear...

Express Yourself

I taught myself how to create screen prints this summer, and I have had so much fun learning this process! Now, I'm feeling like I'm starting to really understand the process, and I am attempting to keep it as free form as possible. In other words, I'm hand drawing all of the designs, masking everything off, and pulling each screen by hand. Who knows, maybe one day I'll decide to use a photo emulsion method, but for now, this process is fun to explore.

Express Yourself - test prints -

Considering I just learned how to create screenprints this summer, I was surprised when I had someone contact me and ask for a custom order. The Writing Club, The Original Write it Out, is a writing club on myspace. The site has allowed members in places all around the world to truly Express themselves; hence, the t-shirt design that they asked me to create!

Express Yourself

I had a lot of fun creating this custom design, and I'd be more than happy to create something unique for you too! Just contact me!

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