30 November 2007


Original Drawing [unframed]
Medium: Pen/Ink/Markers/on Recycled Paper
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
Date: 2007

It's CHRISTMAS... Let's be GLAD!

I'm oftentimes inspired by the music of Sufjan Stevens, but his Songs for Christmas album is especially one to display the meaning of CHRISTMAS! This quote was found in the that album cover, and these words evoke the way that I feel during this time of year.

quoted from Song of Christmas Past by Rick Moody:
Oh mound of presents, purchased at one of the Big Box Retailers, why so forlorn? Oh mound of presents with receipts included, likely to be exchanged, why so heartbreaking? Oh sequence of intoxicating beverages, why so meager?...

Oh stocking stuffers, unwanted, unremembered, oh stocking stuffers tossed aside, oh petrochemical stocking stuffers, made by enormous factories in China, oh petrochemical stocking stuffers purchased at the last minute, scarcely wrapped, oh ephemeral stocking stuffers, oh wind-up stocking stuffers, oh stocking stuffers destined to be torn asunder by family pets, oh stocking stuffers that are actual socks, why so polyester?...

Why is it that Christmas seems like such an appropriate day to hyperventilate, to palpitate, to sweat profusely, to be certain that you are having a nervous breakdown? Why is it that desperation is closer to God?


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