11 December 2007

CITY scribbles

I just started working on a new series of larger scribbles--sketches. This series was inspired by one of my clients who asked me to create a larger scribble--sketch. I came up with a bundle of excuses, but I had secretly been thinking about creating some larger drawings using the scribbles style for quite some time. My excuses included the authenticity of the original idea I had, space, and transporting the completed artwork. Those are all decent excuses, but there is only room for growth when I attempt to stretch myself.

CITY scribbles - neighborhood - 01 -

I'm using 100% recycled paper from the French Paper Company, and each piece of paper begins with scribbles. Then, the markings form an image of some sort in my mind, and they are becoming large sketches. Some of the pieces are going to be as large as 26" x 40," and I'm willing to create larger pieces if I can find the right space to display them. Without further ado, here's the progress thus far. I'm planning on adding some color, so they should be completed soon.

CITY scribbles - neighborhood - 05 -

CITY scribbles - stopping traffic - 03 -

1 comment:

  1. very nice pictures you've got here :)
    I see you've not solved the "comments" link button on ur main page. i'm having the same problem too :(


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