22 January 2008

Life Beyond

Original Painting
Materials: Latex/Ink/Gouache/Wax on Canvas
Size: 24" x 36" x 1.5"
Date: 2008

"You should utter words as though heaven were opened within them and as though you did not put the word into your mouth, but as though you had entered the word."
-Martin Buber-
Melting Vintage Crayon
I have been doing a lot of reflecting recently. Although I felt like I had lost so much in the past year or two, I have come to the realization that there is so much more beyond me. My dad passed away, and I felt like my world began slowly crumbling between my fingers. I delved into my creative side to hide from all of the pain. During that time, I realized that what I am most passionate about; I have a sense of urgency when is time to create artwork. I want to create like a child creates... without restraints! With this painting, I especially feel like I began to understand that child-like creativity.

Life Beyond
Life spins around us. Homelessness is overwhelming. Tragedy strikes again. Another disease kills humankind. I guess my life is difficult, but it's beautiful in comparison to so many others. Maybe I should focus less on the pain and more on the sorrow of others. This is my realization. Letting go of oneself... seeing beyond my pain allows me to understand love. I'm beginning to see life beyond me.

Life Beyond
Today, I submitted this piece along with several others that reflect on the passage of time. Now, I will wait and see if anything gets accepted.

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