23 June 2008

LOST ART... sHandke Scribbles--Sketches

It's another rainy day here in Boston.

Yesterday, I had a migraine headache that lasted all day! No fun...

This video, entitled "Umbrella" by Dntel describes this past weekend and the way I feel today pretty well. I spent all day on and off trains on Saturday, travelling to and from NYC. I packed all of the artwork from the Pens & Needles exhibition and prepared to ship it back to its rightful owners. And I think I lost some of my ART!

I'm very, very sad, because I may have lost three of my drawings in Penn Station, NYC on Saturday. My train was delayed an hour and fifteen minutes, so I sat down to rest. And I must have placed the poster tube with these three drawings behind me. They may have been disposed of, because I was near a trash can. Otherwise, some random person may have picked them up. All that was on the tube that could identify the artwork inside was my last name, "HANDKE." So if you're honest and you picked them up, please (oh please) contact me. I promise to give you something extra special as a reward. And if you're not honest, well... do me a favor and let me know if you make any money from them. Or at least appreciate them. You know, each and every piece an artist creates bares a portion of their heart. So not only is a lot of time invested in these three large drawings, but a lot of my soul is also there.

I'm very sad about this loss. So please let me know if you saw them in Penn Station!


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