31 July 2008



Boing Boing TV debuted Dowa Mondai: Assimilation Issues, an experimental short film by Bob Jaroc. This is a powerful film, and this I can only hope that my "homeless" drawings will provide the same sort of impact. (I have more to come soon.)

The director, Bob Jaroc had this to say about the film:
My intentions for the piece were to stay clear of making a patronizing "cry/be angry for the homeless people" thing or a romanticized view of that life. I wanted to distill the experiences of the people who took the time to talk to me and question myself why I ended up going there in search of something to film.

audio: ed handley (plaid)
video: directed and filmed by bob jaroc
A few hours spent in the company of some people who came to town from the coast and live in a park next to a traintrack.

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