21 October 2008

Moving & Reminiscing

Life has been rather surreal lately. I've moved within the past few days, and now I'm sitting in Kansas at my mom's sorting through piles and piles of old papers, photos, artwork, and all sorts of other junk that my mom thought she should keep. It really is quite a bit of fun, and we've been able to reminisce quite a bit.

Since I continually state that I spent almost all day everyday drawing and doodling as a kid, I thought I should share one or two of my early childhood drawings. These two are the favorites that I've found thus far.

I think this piece was supposed to be my mom, but she looks like she has a beard of some sort.
my drawings - 01

Each year, my brothers and I would write a note to Santa. This was one of mine. I seemed to draw something for every holiday.
my drawings - 04

I won't be posting much for a while, since my life is currently in a continual state of transition, but I intend to add many more drawings to my artwork that I created, and you can see it here.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Shawna,
    Be good to yourself. Moving can be pretty traumatic.
    Love the drawings. Sometimes when I see stuff I made there is a flash of memory that I didn't know was there. Love that.


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