21 November 2008

Organizing my Life

I have quite the list of items that I need to complete before Turkey Day, so I'm not going to share much of the artwork I've recently been working on (due to the lack of photos). Instead, I'll share my rather lengthy to-do list with you. This is what I have left to do to make our new place feel a little more like home.

Living Space
  • - Armoire (organize cords and electronics)
  • - anchor bookshelf to the wall
  • - spray paint frames, mat and hang them on walls
  • - organize paint/chemicals closet
  • - hang curtains

  • Kitchen
  • - prime and paint the walls

  • Master Bedroom
  • - create pants/dress closet
  • - hang head board
  • - attach mirror to the dresser
  • - hang floating shelves
  • - organize/hang jewelry on cork board

  • Spare Bedroom
  • - hang shelf on book case
  • - organize coat closet (hang backpacks)
  • - organize/place plastic drawers in coat closet
  • - hang curtains

  • Bathroom
  • - finish unpacking
  • - anchor cabinet to the wall

  • Once I've completed these projects, I'll cross them off of my list and share photos. Plus, I have a couple of secret projects I'm working on for clients right now, so there is more to come soon. Until then, off to work I must go...

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