22 December 2008

Christmas Preparations

I'll be away for a while, as I plan on visiting family in the Midwest once again. And with the madness that happens around this time of year, I'm certain I won't be posting much (and haven't been posting as often lately). Nonetheless, I just wanted to share a couple of things that have happened lately.

(1) It snowed these past three days, so I walked around with my cameras in hand and took many photographs. I'll have to develop the film soon, so I can "show and tell." (If you didn't already know, I love the snow!)
(2) I sold one of my favorite drawings and know that it's going to a good home. (This always makes me happy... when I know some of my artwork will be in a good home.) I'm shipping it today!
(3) Before tomorrow, I hope to submit another illustration to the Underground Art School for their Issue No. 2.
(4) Oh yeah... I nearly forgot to mention that I've nearly completed my portfolio and have updated my resume, too!
(5) Last but not least, I've finished my Christmas shopping!

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