10 January 2009


My mom gave us the most sentimental Christmas ever this year. I didn't want her to spend any money on us, so I suggested that she give us some items that we would cherish for Christmas this year. Well, all of that is to say that I will treasure everything that I received this year!

Mom - Sr. Picture

She gave me the record player that she received when she was a teen. And I've listened to it non-stop ever since I received it two days ago. In fact, I added to the collection of vinyls that she gave me.

Dad - Sr. Picture

Not only did she give me that, but she gave each of us a painting that my dad created when he was young. I photographed all of those paintings, and I intend to create something unique with those and some of our family photographs. Well, I wanted to share my dad's artwork, so I've posted a slideshow below.

On top of all of that, she gave each of the girls something special from her mother. All of these things may simply be things, but they are the things that help me to remember and value just how special my family is and always will be.

Thank you, mom for the most amazing Christmas ever!

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