13 July 2009


I'm cleaning my closets and moving my artwork to a new storage area. This means that I'm ridding of many things and will have a TAG SALE in my yard this weekend! Now, you have the chance to buy some of these goodies from me prior to this weekend if you're interested. Check them out!
Transforming Bulbous Blooms No. 2: $10
gaining FOCUS: $75
Antithesis: $72.50
Performance Artistry t-shirt: $5
Expectations: $47.50
Walking into the Rain: $5
Chicks DIG this Place: $62.50
Flowers for a CHILD: $75
Gerbena's Gone and Run Away: $15
Pondering: $15
BrainSTORM under my SKIN: $20
Listen to them TALK: $45
Lilies of the Valley Dance: $22.50
Performance ARTistry: $52.50
Path to Freedom: $50

Some pieces are framed and some are not. As things sell and I prepare for my TAG SALE this weekend, I intend to post more in the SALE section of my shop. So check back later for more.

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