11 February 2007

"Chas is Gay"

I really don't know who Chas is, but I found this wood alongside the road the other night, which had a variety of writings by some drunk college kids. The one phrase that stood apart from all the others was the bold puffy letters that spelled out, "Chas is Gay!" As entertaining as it was to read all of the comments, I decided it would be even more interesting to paint over the grafiti. When I began adding gesso to the wood, the markers allowed the words to bleed through, and I found this rather intriguing. My goal is to complete the painting and allow the underlying meanings to vaguely transpire. I hope I don't get to carried away painting the prayerful woman atop these rather disturbing statements about Chas. Stay posted to see the transformation of this painting.


  1. garrison beau scott14 February, 2007

    What a cool find. It'll be interesting to see what becomes of your collaboration. I have no idea why, but found object art is some of the most enjoyable to view / create. I guess it's because of the element of the unknown that's woven into the fabric of the thing.

  2. Let's just hope that I don't overwork the underlying text. Nonetheless, I do enjoy "the element of the unknown" with found objects.


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