14 May 2007


Each time I sell something from my etsy shop, I ship it off, and I feel as if my aRtwork is taking a journey to someplace that I may not be able to visit yet. In essence, I feel as if I get the opportunity to visit the unknown and journey to new places. Of course, it's not the same as getting to travel to new places and visit new people and things, but at least I can feel as if I get to attach myself to a new place in this world.

Thus, I like to create eXtras! I always try to send an extra item or two to each buyer. Then, maybe they'll share my aRtwork with someone new in some new place. [Even if the extras end up in the garbage, I've essentially visited someplace new.] Below are a few examples of some extras that I've sent around the world.

Another random thought: One of my recent sales and its eXtras were posted on Sheri Burhoes' Art and Design blog. Thanks for your commentary, Sheri!

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