06 June 2007


I've had difficulty staying focused on one thing at a time lately. Actually, I've always had this problem. Nonetheless, I decided to unleash my eagerness to get as creative as possible. I really enjoy having clothing that no one else has, and I've been wanting to learn to screenprint. So... I bought myself a silkscreen the other day when I was picking up some more ink! It's been so much fun, but I haven't been able to concentrate on the painting(s) that I need to have finished by the end of this week. aaaggggghhhhhh! And now, I'm experimenting with new thread designs. Oh well, every now and again, we have to unLEASH our CREATIVITY!

urban REgeneration

Recycled Banana Republic shirt that has been literally SCREEN PRINTED with black and red ink.

MEN'S large
98% cotton
2% spandex

the ALTER-ego - thread -
MEN's Medium/Large

Sumi-E ink and various acrylic paints... created using a marbling technique.

Why Do the Flowers Have to Cry - screenprint - No. 1 -
and CHEERS to my very first SCREENPRINT!

Screenprint on cardboard - No. 1 -
Materials: Pen/Ink/Paint/Silkscreen/Cardboard
Size: 9" x 10.75"
Date: 2007

The girl stares at the giant flower as it drops its petals... sadness, tears, life, newness... these thoughts pass through her mind as she stares into the vague reality.

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