05 August 2007

Paint's Peeling - experiment -

I was so excited to create this painting, because I loved the composition I had laid out. After adding several layers of gesso and sketching out the image I planned on composing, I was ready to add paint and ink. Once I began adding paint to the newly prepared canvas, the paint began peeling. I was saddened and hurt, but then I began realizing the beauty found in this experiment. I found it intriguing and decided I should document my attempts to make trash into something more intriguing.

The nature of experimenting requires one to allow room for error, and I'm thankful for this attempt. I love this piece of wood that someone carefully removed from their kitchen, and I'm going to figure out some way to create a painting or drawing that will not peel away.

Experimenting with Wood [found in the TRASH]

Experimenting with Wood [found in the TRASH]

Experimenting with Wood [found in the TRASH]

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