07 August 2007

aRtist's hand

Original Painting - framed -
Materials: Pen/Ink on Recycled Watercolor Paper
[mounted on Black Watercolor Paper & framed]
Size: 5" x 3" [framed - 7" x 5"]
Date: 2007

So often I have no one to model for me, and I decide to create a quick sketch of my hand. These sketches are considered self-portraits to me, because I find so much value in my hands and the things that they do. I created a sketch on this watercolor paper and later added layers of paint and ink. And the watercolor paper was torn from an incomplete painting that I destroyed; thus, it's recycled.

What do you do with your hands? Do you bite your fingernails... like me? And if so, how long have you tried to overcome this issue? I've attempted many methods, which I thought would encourage me to quit my nasty fingernail biting habit (including Overcoming Onychophagia), but nothing has worked thus far. Aside from biting my nails, I use my hands continuously throughout each day. How would life be if I had no use of my hands? I don't believe I'd know what to do.

aRtist's hand

aRtist's hand

aRtist's hand - framed -

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