18 January 2008

Lugubrious Heart

Original Painting
Materials: Pen/Ink/Acrylic on Recycled Wood
Dimensions: 20" x 24" x 3/4"
Date: 2007

LUGUBRIOUS HEART: mournful heart; [akin to Gk. lygros mournful].

When I created this painting, I was mourning recent tragedies. My heart was heavy but hopeful when the concept began. This painting was part of a healing process for me. Now, when I look at this piece, I find peace and love! So take it for all it's worth to you.

Lugubrious HEART

I was provided with these 6 panels years ago, because a friend was planning on tossing them. Of course, I could not let empty canvas go to waste. I waited until the time was right; then, I added color. It has been varnished and has hanging materials attached. This painting is created on 6 panels that I have glued together. It's meant to be hanging as one piece.

Lugubrious HEART - 02 -

If you would like a custom-made frame, please contact me. It can be done!

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