21 April 2008

collaboration with Danny Mansmith

I've been creating several drawings on bits and pieces of scrap fabric for quite some time now. Why? Well, I wasn't too certain at first, but I eventually realized that they would be perfect for the collaborative artwork that Danny Mansmith and I will are completing for our upcoming art show. Plus, it's a lot of fun to draw on fabric with fountain pens and sumi-ink brushes. These images are works in progress, and I will soon be sending Danny my half of the project.

scrolled sketches on canvas - 03 -
Danny is an amazing fabric artist who believes "in the imperfections we all have. In an improvisational way he uses the sewing machine to put together everyday materials or scraps in a manner that is well constructed and inspired by a love of naive expression–like children's art work or bad sewing." This is what first drew me to Danny's creations: his amazing sense of freedom with his creations. He has a real gift to paint a picture with needles, thread, and various bits and pieces of scrap materials (may they be bits of fabric or junk mail). I suppose he will possibly sew scraps of paper, ephemera, and drawings to the canvas. And once it has been completed, it will be on display in New York City at our show, Pens & Needles. How did Danny and I meet? We're internet friends, and I have a couple of his pieces. But we actually met through etsy, and we are excited to have an art show together in the Big Apple. I especially think it will be fun to see how our collaboration looks in the end.

scrolled sketches on canvas
Danny and I would love it if you wanted to come to our art opening. The art show will be held at the Fountainhead Gallery, located on the third floor of 32 West 28th St (between 6th Ave and Broadway) in New York City. The Opening Reception is scheduled for Saturday, June 7 from 6-9pm EST. If you have any questions about our show, please contact me.
scrolled sketches on canvas - 02 -

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