16 April 2008


I've been setting up a better way for me to screen print in our small apartment/studio. It's just a good thing my husband is willing to deal with all of my artwork and the various accoutrements that come along with my creative nature. This is the new setup.

screen printing
And below are some examples of my new screen prints. This project began with a couple of special orders, and now there are more that I'm working on. I'm just thankful to have clients who ask me to create something special. It really motivates me to learn new things and to continually create something new. (So thanks for your support.)

SCREENPRINTS: performance ARTistry & CRISIS
If you would really like to learn to screen print, but you're not too certain about where to begin, I've found some great resources on-line. Here are a few of my favorites.

Screenprinting and You
Cheap, Dirty, and at Home
Cheap Screen Printing
Craft Magazine's Weekend Project PDF

And for a source of inspiration:
Made with Love by Hannah
Open Studio Tour with MaryInk
& a Handmade Weddings article, featuring excellent screen printed wedding invitations

Supplies and excellent customer service: Standard Screen Supply Corp.

And here's an excellent how-to video by Make magazine.

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