07 April 2008

sorta OUT SICK

I was supposed to be taking a break from work and everything else last week, but how's an aspiring artist supposed to do that? I have three shows this month, freelance work lined up, and I work full time. I don't have time to sleep very long. But I did take Sunday completely off. (Well, not including the hour or two I took to cut some mat board, so I could frame some artwork.) But I really wanted to work on my custom orders. I'm creating some new screen prints, and now that I have all of the supplies, I can't wait to get to work.

at work again...

If you're wondering what the hospital bracelet was for, it's because I had a doctor's visit, and she made me wait around for an ultrasound. No! I'm not pregnant. I just have another ridiculous kidney infection. I was in the hospital for half the day; although it seemed longer.

short visit to the hospital

Since I'm feeling a little better now, I guess I'll get some artwork done. I have a window display that I'm working on tomorrow night. And this weekend, I'm going to be installing an installation piece at Boston University.

So until a later time, have fun. Work hard. Play harder. But don't work or play too hard.

Brighton Center

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