13 May 2008

Lost Time

I feel like I've lost so much time, yet I've been inspired to work extra hard. I took a few days off to hang out with my dear friend, Mica who was visiting from Omaha. We made a pit-stop in both Salem, NH and Salem, MA; toured the city in the rain; hung out in Harvard Square (and I listened to her speak French with another friend of mine); visited the FOGG Museum, played games; and watched Persepolis. If you haven't visited the FOGG Museum recently and you live in the Boston area, you definitely should do that before they shut their doors for five years due to renovations. And Persepolis is an amazing French film and one that everyone should see.

Wind & Open Windows

I will definitely miss all of that fun and my freedom. Now it's time to get back to work...

I've had so many events happening that I haven't even had time to post about everything thus far. Look forward to some new posts about my collaboration with Danny Mansmith, Groundwork Somerville (which is a silent auction that will be held on May 15 in Davis Sqaure), the SoWa Art Walk (which is this weekend, and Pens and Needles in NYC during the month of June. That's just a briefing, and I'll post the details during the rest of the week.

Also, I'll soon be sharing website updates, new window displays, and custom order photos...

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