27 June 2008

June's Window Displays at Henry Bear's Park

I created three new window displays at Henry Bear's Park in Cambridge during the month of June. And I also created signs for the store in Brookline. Here are some of the photos from the Cambridge store windows. (I can't believe I neglected posting these until now.)

At the Beach
I had so much fun with this window. I used a tarp to create waves of sorts and placed sand inside the window. I was actually shoveling sand for a minute or two, as I carefully covered the window with sand. It definitely reminded me of my childhood, playing in the sand with my brothers.

At the Beach - 01
At the Beach

This window was also fun! I believe I did more stretching when I created this window than I've ever done in any window before. That goal took up the entire space of the window, and I had to place things around it. Of course, you could find any sports activity you've ever wanted to play with in this window.

Play SPORTS - 01

GAME Night
I created the sign at home before I created the window display, and I had to use some of the characters from the games. Game nights are a favorite past-time for me, and to this day, it's one of the best things that my husband and I spend time doing together. Who knows, maybe I'll play a game with him tonight, since it is his birthday!

GAME Night

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