12 July 2008

information & inspiration

Last weekend I was in the Midwest for my brother's wedding. We drove to Kansas to visit my hometown and my mom, and on the way home, we passed a shanty that looked almost identical to this sketch.


I've been adding a home page for my sHandke ART events, and I've used the image as my home page for my personalized Google account. Click here to find my personal HOME PAGE. And if you want to view my calendar, click here to view upcoming events. It is rather sparse now, but I will be adding to it and updating it regularly with new happenings.

Also, here are some other details about me that I'll be adding to my ABOUT ME page on my website soon:

The other day I found this interview with Brady Vest from Hammerpress Studios. I've been a fan of Hammerpress Letterpress and Design Studio for quite some time, and it was simply inspiring to view another Midwestern Artist and his story. Check out their designs and watch his story below.

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