03 August 2008

developing film


I got my Diana F+ for my birthday, and have shot several rolls of film. Now it's time to get them developed. It's actually long overdue. It's a challenge since I work full-time and the store hours for most local photo labs are closed by the time I get off work. These are the days that I wished I just had a dark room for myself.

So I'm sending the film back to my home state, Kansas, where it will be developed by Dwayne's Photo. I cannot wait to see the results. It will be a bit of an experiment, since this was only round one with my new friend, Diana F+.

Diana F+

For now, it's time to get back to work on the design projects. Oh... and I nearly forgot to mention, I'm creating some new screens for the Urbanature shop. I am also anxious to complete that project!

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