02 August 2008

Design Projects

This weekend I've been working on several design projects. I'm creating a couple of album covers for two local musicians, and a logo design for Campus Life in Omaha, NE. I'm also working on the new Crunchy Clean logo for their etsy shop, including their banner, avatar, and new business cards. I'll show you all of the results once I'm finished, but for now, here's a glimpse at a proof for Haydn Cole's album cover.

Haydn Cole album cover

Also, I nearly forgot to mention that Luke and I got to go to a Tilly and the Wall concert for free this week. They put on an amazing show, and it was a lot of fun! If you didn't already watch this video by them, click here. You really need to watch it. It's recorded in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area. ahhh... the memories... of Omaha.

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