09 July 2008


I just returned from a recent visit home, the Midwest. Actually I was in Omaha for my brother's wedding! CONGRATS, Jerod and Kimberly!

So I'm missing the place, my family, and my friends. Now I am listening to some of the musicians from the area. Since Tilly & the Wall just released their third album, "o," I am intrigued with their album art. Usually an album has to have good cover art for me to want to buy the physical album, so this is classified as one of those.

Each copy of “o” contains a unique piece of art that was created by independent artists, and many of the artists are former residents from the Bemis Center. Check out a gallery of these images here.

Here are the artists who contributed their time, energy and art to this project: Ellen Black, Cody Crithcheloe, Greg Elasser, Wanda Ewing, Peter Fankhauser, Lee Heinemann, Seth Johnson, Jessica Levy, Joey Lynch, Sam Martin, Darci Pressnall, Ann Ploeger, Jenny Pugh, Spindleworks, Jadon Ulrich & Jaime Warren. I actually attended school with Jessica Levy, and I was fascinated with the concept she envisioned for her art then, just as I do now. Jessica's album art that she created is actually a shrinky dink. It can really be baked and worn!

I think I'll run out and buy "o" as soon as I have some extra spending money.

On a random sidenote, this is what I returned home to. Our place is a bit messy right now (although you may not know that from this photo), but I need to get back to work and I must first clean.


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