20 August 2008

Story Time Buttons

My grandfather just had knee surgery on Monday. Yes. That's right. He's eighty-four years old, but he's doing well thus far. I believe he deserves the first set of buttons as a "hope you get better soon" gift. What do you think? He really is a trooper and has a wonderful imagination.

Story Time Buttons

This is a limited edition set of 2 "Story Time Buttons." The story is a reflection of my childhood when my grandfather would sit around and tell stories for hour upon hour. And I had an odd imagination as well. I continually saw elephants on houses. The good thing is that my grandfather went along with the story and helped me dream more and more about the elephants that lived on the houses.

This is the first of my limited edition button sets, and I hope you enjoy them.

Story Time Buttons - 2

These new limited edition "story time" buttons are currently for sale in my etsy shop. Click here to buy them.

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