29 August 2008

Summer Street Flowers & Trash Collector

Yesterday was a good day to sit around and draw, as I wasn't feeling the best. So I completed two new drawings and am now inspired to keep drawing, and possibly even painting today.

This is Summer Street Flowers.
Summer Street Flowers

And this is Trash Collector.
Trash Collector

I hope to post each of these drawings for sale in my etsy shop soon. They are both part of my Scribbles--Sketches series that I began in 2006. Each drawing in that series began simply as scribbles on found paper. Then, using the automatic drawing process, I create a composition that tells a story. The first one I ever created in this series is still for sale; in fact, I've reduced its price for my SALE. It's entitled, Red Carpet Party with a Light Bulb in a Bird Cage.

And I also intend to work on my website some today, because it really needs to be updated. I'm creating some portfolio packages that I'm going to send out to publishers, but I want my website to be much better first. So... I believe it will be a busy day today!

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