12 November 2008

A Day in the City

I've been in NYC for the past couple of days, and now I'm inspired to get back to work. The only problem is that I still have quite a bit left to do to set up the new living space. That's okay. I will put it off for now. I need to work.

Here are a few special places I visited and places where I found some new art materials.

I went to the East Village to purchase some Krink, because my friend over at Bemis Press mentioned that he wanted some. When I found out what these markers do, I wanted some too. So I visited Turntable Lab where I purchased some of my very own Krink. Then I saw this shop across the street. It's Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar. Really, it's quite good and the graffiti bars are to-die-for good. Plus, the packaging was why I purchased one in the first place.
Chocolate Bar

The next inspiring shop I found was what I thought may be an alchemist's shop at the first glance. Then, I realized it contained in it all of the pigments that any painter would need to create their own paint. I was so inspired by the beauty of this store that I had to pick up a few pigments of my own and give it a try. So be watching for some new work to include Kremer Pigments. I also believe I'll try visiting their store for the One Day Crash Course next Friday.
Kremer Pigments

One of the last places that I visited, which inspired me to get back to work was the Roasting Plant. After you place an order, the coffee shoots out one of these translucent tubes just before it grinds it. Then, you're presented with the most fresh, frothy, and tasty coffee you've ever had. Yesterday was their first day to be open in Greenwich Village, and I'll be sure to visit this boutique again. Now, I'm going to grind up some for myself and have some in a French Press.

hmmm... that smell... delightful...
Roasting Plant

Now, listen to some fresh tunes at the Turntable Lab Radio.

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