04 November 2008

Settling In... Reflecting...

I suppose I should be posting about the election or something of that sort, but I'm not going to add to all of the hype. I want to simply say, "I'm back from my hiatus."

It seems like forever since I last posted something about my artwork and the things that inspire me. I'm finally moved into our new place here in Nyack, NY, and I look forward to all of the amazing things that are soon taking place. I intend to take full advantage of the location and the numerous art opportunities in the community. In fact, I will hopefull be able to attend the Life Drawing workshop at the Edward Hopper House on Thursday this week.

Bike Ride

I'm only sort of set up in the studio/study in our new home, but that will quickly change. I intend to work on some screen printing tomorrow, and I will hopefully get some of our books put away soon. We have stacks upon stacks of books, and the sad thing is that we enjoy all of them. Needless to say, we won't be ridding of any of them. We'll just need to get another book case or two.

As I sorted through my drawings that I completed as a child while I was at home in Kansas, I was inspired by the creative freedom that spilled onto the pages. I hope to use that as a source of new found inspiration for my current artwork.

Nyack Beach State Park

And now that I'm here in this new place, I had to explore a little. I rode my bicycle to the Nyack Beach State Park and found a renewed beauty here in the [somewhat] natural world. It's not much of a beach, but it sure is beautiful and relaxing.

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