30 January 2009

A (little) Obsession

A little over a year ago, I rode my first single speed, and I felt more attached and in control of the bike than I'd ever felt. I rode this 9•2•5 Redline at Harris Cyclery, but didn't want to spend the money on another bike. (Plus, I didn't have the room for it.) I later rode the Raleigh Rush Hour at Bicycle Bills, and I believe I liked that ride even better. By this time, I was convinced that I would one day have my very own fixed gear. So when I found a decent old bike that fit me this week, I was overjoyed. The only thing is that I have been obsessing over all of the things that I could do to make it a smooth ride. Macaframa is merely one of the sites that I found to invoke more dreams. Right now, I'm just trying to decide what type of hub I want to use.

Now back to work I shall go. There's a new screen print I'll be sharing tomorrow. For now, I think I'll be inspired by Taliah Lempert's bicycle paintings. I especially like this Bike Stack - 29.

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