08 January 2009


I keep looking out the window of our house to make sure that the FedEx truck with my Christmas gift from my mom hasn't arrived yet. I really, really want that record player and all of those vinyls. After all, it's the record player my mom received from her parents when she was in high school. Not only is it a vintage, but it also has some sentimental value. So, come on FedEx driver... please get that truck here soon!!!

needle and vinyl

I'm also updating my website while I wait. I've updated my about me page, and there will soon be a new section of freebies. Plus, I'm consolidating my scribbles--sketches with my illustrations. (That's the page I'm currently working on.) I think the site will flow much more smoothly once all of my edits are completed.

I'd just be much happier if I could listen to some vinyls while I worked. For now, I suppose last.fm will suffice... although nothing's the same as the warm sound of a record player.

NO MORE WORRIES!!! It just arrived.

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