21 January 2009

working & inspired

I've been working, preparing my professional 4-1-1 recently, and I tend to find inspiration all around me for new creative work (as I attempt to stay focused on the "office" work). So here are a few things that have recently inspired, but sort of distracted me lately.

Esopus is a small creek that eventually empties into the Hudson River, and its source is in the Catskill Mountains. "A principle governs the mountains through which the Esopus and other streams like it course: the smaller the creek, the more life it has." This is the concept of the ESOPUS MAGAZINE, and it's why I enjoy the magazine; plus, I continue to find new music and art with each issue that is released. I recently put together an Esopus playlist featuring some of the artists' music that has been used in previous issues. And I discovered the artist Jason Polan with Issue no. 11.

On top of this inspiration, I have another home improvement project. I found a secretary desk that needs a little repair at the antique store the other day. It was practically a steal, so I bought it.

Now... back to work!

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