09 April 2009

Sketching for Labels

I haven't shown much of my newest projects recently, so I thought I'd share just a glimpse at the sketches that I was working on for these beer labels. I've hand-drawn all of the lettering, and there is an illustration that I created especially for this label as well.
Beer Labels - in progress

These were a custom order from a woman whose husband likes to brew and takes his beer to some of the home brew contests. As I understand, some of his beer has been award winning! Nice. Want to try it?
favorite nook

I'm actually about finished with this label, but I believe there will be many more that I'll be creating for them.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for following my blog- you are very talented. I will visit here more often to see what you are up too. and yes, I'd like to try the beer :)


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