29 March 2010

Red Bird - TOMS shoes

I've been working on several projects lately, and this is one that I just finished. I'm going to enter this design in the Teen Vogue contest. They're going to be choosing one design to launch a new line of Artist TOMS Shoes.

my TOMS Shoes

This design is a modified rendering of my drawing, Lone Bird & His Trees. I designed stamps of my illustrations, and once I received them, I stamped the designs on my TOMS Shoes. Then I added color using acrylic and ink. Finally, I finished the design using a marbling effect, similar to what I use for my Alter-ego t-shirts to create the illusion of blue skies.
img_03 customizing - the process my illustration stamps

If you like these TOMS and you're in the Nyack, NY area, you can have me customize your TOMS next week on April 8 at ML Gifts & Accessories. This is also the day when thousands of people all over the world are going barefoot for ONE DAY! Join us.

Or if you want me to customize your TOMS, and you don't live here, feel free to contact me.

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