05 March 2006

Current Projects

Currently, I'm working on several art projects. Not all of them include painting, so that's why I'm describing them as projects. I really feel like our living space has encouraged and inspired me to become more creative in several ways. Also, reading more about ready-made projects and viewing other artists' artwork has most definitely encouraged this creativity. So, if you're curious about these projects, keep reading. Otherwise, just doze off now!

1. Jeremy and Ashley Brummer's wedding gift: a painting.

I'm not going to go into much detail about the painting, because they may read this. But this is their belated wedding gift. If you know anything about me, you already know that I'm one of the world's greatest procrastinators and am oftentimes late with my gifts. For example, I bought a Christmas gift for my friend Mica and never mailed it. (Of course, I found out after I bought this France-related gift that she was unsure about her trip.) But, now that I know that she's going, I can mail it. I could've gambled before and just mailed it, but that may have been too easy. Others who are still awaiting their gifts include Jonny, my grandpa, Jerod, and now Jeremy and Ashley. (I think that's everyone. Just let me know if I've left anyone out.)

2. A corkscrew mat and a Fex Ex cd rack.

This is a mat that was inspired from Ready Made magazine, Issue 19. I'm creating entryway mats, so the dirty shoes have a place to go once people step inside. I received my corkscrews from various members of Freecycle, which is a Yahoo group. The cd rack is for work, and I got that idea from the ReadyMade book that was released late last year.

3. The Human Pixel Project.

I found out about this project on craigslist. This project "is a collaborative art project, open to anyone, made up of thousands of 2x2 inch works in all mediums from hundreds, and eventually thousands, of artists. Over 400 artists and over 3000 pixels so far. These thousands of pixels are continuously used and re-used as elements in larger, aggregate works, now in physical form by me but eventually by anyone interested in digitally assembling new works from the inventory of pixel images soon available on this site. The autonomous works of hundreds of unrelated individuals therefore become the underlying palate and medium of future creations by other artists, each pixel engaged in a continual process of formation and reformation as a component of a larger whole, existing always as both an expression of an individual vision and as a element of a larger, itself temporary and contingent, whole. This process of assembling new works from the pixels is a fundamental element of the project and extends its core idea, namely that of a democracy of artistic creation defined by a collective willingness to participate in an effort that transcends the individual and to discover through that process new modes of expression and new understandings about what it means to be a creator, viewer, and 'consumer' of art."

4. The Wedding Gift painting.

This is the painting that I gave to my husband for our wedding over four years ago. I didn't like it, so I'm painting over the original painting, but I'm trying to leave bits and pieces from the original (mainly as inspiration). Once I get bored with something, and it has to stay in my place, I have to rework it in some way, shape or form. Stay posted for updates about this painting.

5. Tree painting.

This is a painting that I will have at home in our bedroom until I get tired of it. Then, I will either sell it or give it away. I am very inspired by trees and the branches of trees, especially when they are bare. I intend on completing this painting/ink drawing as a study of the trees and nature that surrounds me.

6. Finding a good use for all of the free enamel paint that I've collected.

Thus far, I've used it to paint a stand that I bought at a store that was going out of business. And, I've also painted some picture frames with it. I'm going to paint some of the walls of our apartment, and then I may begin considering doing some paintings on wood with this free enamel paint. Feel free to post any great ideas.

7. Updating my sketchbook and continuing to sketch.

I'm also trying to work on a blog that will include other people from all walks of life. This is the Community Sketchbook, and I envision it being a place for people to post creative ideas, favorite quotes, random photos, and their various thoughts. I will also be posting my thoughts, interests, and photos here.

8. Trying to find places to display my artwork in the Boston area.

So far, I have several good opportunities that I'm trying to prepare. Later this summer, I should have work on Newbury street in Boston. And, I'm also considering a small, quaint space in Harvard Square. Aside from this, I may show my work in a small gallery in Salem, MA. Ultimately, I need to start working extremely hard and creating artwork all the time, so I have new work to show here in Boston. In conjunction with those opportunities, I will also have my work shown with the Human Pixel Project, which should be on display at Harvard University. Stay posted as I list the places and dates for the shows.


  1. hello fellow Boston artist!! where on newbury street will you be showing your art?

  2. Kat... Sorry for the delayed response, but I've been in between jobs recently. (You know... the job that supports our art interests.) I'll be showing my work in a Starbucks on Newbury street. I never said it was a gallery, but...whatever...it's a start! Right?


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