21 May 2008

Danny Mansmith / Shawna Handke Collaboration

I created some simple drawings on some scrap canvas that I had laying around, and then I sent that to Danny Mansmith. I told him to do whatever he wanted with those drawings and now that he has added his thread to my ink, we have our collaboration. These pieces will all be on display in our Pens and Needles art show in New York City during the month of June.
How did Danny and I meet? Well, we haven't really met in person yet. But the way that we met was through etsy. I connected with a few people that I met when I first opened up my etsy shop in 2006, and Danny just happened to be one of those artists. It will be a lot of fun to meet him in person, and while we're in the Big Apple, we're also going to meet Craig Hunter [a.k.a. cubistliterature], and Desira Pesta who I just ordered a custom made dress from for my brother's wedding. It will be so much fun to meet some of the artists who I met through etsy, and it's even more fun knowing that we were some of the first people to set up shop. Now, look at etsy. There were 295,797,972 page views during the month of April, and during that same month, etsy sold over $6 million. It's amazing to watch the transformation.

On that same note of transformation, I really enjoyed the changes that took place with this collaboration.

Danny says,
don't be calm jump first ask questions later
something good comes from kinda being out of control...

don't be so hard on yourself
mistakes are good-i think they help use to see
it's so beautiful to see someone who has made something and didn't quite know what they were doing but did it anyway-when you can really see the fire was under their feet and they had to make it or else "
This concept of "controlled lunacy" is obvious with his work. And the reason I share these statements here is because I feel very similarly. When I create, I like to have some sort of a plan, but the unknown oftentimes determines the outcome more than the plan ever could. In fact, this child-like concept of scribbling to create sketches is my favorite way to work. I usually don't even know what I'm creating until the ink starts flowing onto the canvas (or paper) and I see something in that ink that inspires an object, which is oftentimes a figure. So check out our shared "controlled lunacy" with this collaboration. And if you're in the NYC area, please meet us as we meet one another for the first time at our Pens and Needles opening.

Some of these are FOR SALE in my etsy shop.
Others are FOR SALE in Danny's etsy shop.


  1. Shawna and Danny - glad to see you guys collaborating together on a project. The work is truly amazing. Deb and I have been a fan of Danny's for a while now. The best to you guys.

    Deb and Wendy

  2. Hope you are keeping busy Shawna ! :) <3


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