19 May 2008

Weekend Recap

I had a great time at the SOWA Art Walk this weekend. The location was very industrial, since it was an abandoned warehouse that was under construction. I believe my artwork displays very well in this sort of a setting, but the only downfall was that I had a severe allergic reaction to all of the dust.

SOWA Art Walk
Overall, it was a fantastic opportunity! I not only had the chance to meet numerous new artists in the area, but I also met many new clients. I will definitely be participating in this event in the future!

SOWA Art Walk
Some of my newfound artist friends include Lara Loutrel, Jason Randolph Burrell, Jennifer Hughes, Frances Fusaro, and Mark Martelli to name a few. On Saturday, a few of us got bored and actually created the beginnings of a new collaboration. I plan on adding a few finishing touches to the piece and sharing it with the others before I post it for sale. It all began with the desire to create ink stamps of feet. I had the ink, Jason was willing to get messy, and I fully intended to add to it. Well, the ink spilled, and thus began the collaboration!

SOWA Art Walk
On top of that wonderful opportunity, I feel good about supporting Groundwork Somerville this past week. "My Backyard" sold at the Silent Auction, and I believe it went to a good home. The new proud owner is a local fellow artist.

SOWA Art Walk
Now, it's time to get focused and complete several new pieces for the NYC Pens and Needles show with Danny Mansmith.

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