26 September 2008

It's FRIDAY... here's my list and a new illustration!

I'm a bit tired today... and nearly forgot that it's Friday HAPPY HOUR! Well, I'm going to offer the same thing I offered last week. "Buy two PRINTS, get one free." And whenever you pre-order some of my xMas cards, you'll get two cards free. The only difference is the HAPPY HOUR will last from 5pm - 10pm EST this week. If you see something you want and just don't have the cash, please do NOT hesitate to contact me. (I won't bite.) We're moving in the middle of October and I could stand to rid of a thing or two.

A lot of things have happened this week. Here's a small list of art projects.
- continuously updating my online portfolio
- working on a fun secret project
- nearly finished creating 8 NEW xMas card illustrations
- creating an illustration for Underground Art School
- finishing Transforming Time
- and next week, I'll be working on a new super large illustration for Henry Bear's Park... similar to this.

Plus, I've caught a cold. So that's that.

Just for fun, here is the process involved with the Meet Me illustration.
MEET ME - sketching - ink blotsMEET ME - layers - ink blotsMEET ME - in process

And this is the finished illustration. It's another illustration for a 2008 sHandke xMas card.
MEET ME... under the Mistletoe

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