25 September 2008

Some Women & their Places

Here's a new drawing I finished last night. I'm not exactly sure where I've seen these women, but I know that they are a stereotype of sorts. Is it the fashion scene... or are they on the streets... I really cannot recall. You tell me.

And just for a little inspiration, I thought I'd share my blood orange with you. I thought this was a beautiful fruit the moment I first saw one. And when I saw them in the market today, I had to purchase one. They're also very tasty!

Blood Orange
one blood orange

Aside from this... I'm still plugging away on my website. I want to have all of the structure completed soon, but I'm taking the rest of the afternoon to work on other projects. Oh yeah... I'm also working on a secret project that I'll share with you once it's been given to the appropriate person.

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